Queen of the Nile Incense

Artisan Handmade Incense Sticks

palo santo incense sticks, natural, handmade in UK

Natural Incense

Queen of the Nile incense is a unique Artisan Creator in Essex,  UK. She began her journey in Brighton, 2014. Imagine how each incense stick is individually handrolled, from freshly ground incense resins, Botanical plants,flowers, Herbs, Spices and essential oils. This is why Queen of the Nile Incense is extremely popular, as she produces spiritual incense with lov

Handmade incense sticks UK, queen of the nile incense

100% Pure Natural Ingredients

Queen of the Nile selects the finest sustainably and ethically resourced from around the world. Each Ingredient is individually ground fresh, blended with a non toxic tree root.

palo santo, queen of the nile incense sticks

Hand Wrapped with love

Queen of the Nile is ethical and considerate of the impact on the environment. You can choosHand Wrapped with 100% Recyclable Materials.